The Maritimo Wrapping division of Maritimo Yachts has quickly accumulated a wealth of experience and has undertaken many challenging projects to date with great results. Our wrapping team has been highly trained and are familiar with the most advanced products and application techniques. Having an eye for detail, a steady hand, knowing the technical quality and capabilities of the products and working with the elements are all important to achieving a highly satisfactory finish. Our team understands yachts and how they are built and work. The combination of all of the above will ensure years of satisfactory results.

Vinyl can be applied to almost any surface and has a multitude of uses, comes in a variety of different qualities and must be applied by qualified specialists to guarantee the best results. The range of colours and textured vinyls such as leather, carbon, wooden veneer etc, offer almost endless possibilities. Wrapping can often be used to replace tired paint or gel-coat, is normally less expensive to apply, can often be done in the water, is harmless to the environment and can maintain its properties and finish for many more years although the differences need to be appreciated.

Maritimo Wrapping has undertaken a wide variety of jobs which have gone from fully wrapping yachts up to 22 metres, wrapping topsides, superstructures, water lines, detailing smaller areas unable to be painted quickly, creating special matting effects on high gloss veneered interiors or wrapping interiors and galleys, vehicles or objects.

We offer the highest standards of workmanship and only use top manufacturers’ products. We can propose imaginative solutions, give realistic delivery times and provide great value for money.

Please contact us if you would like to find out how we could wrap or detail your yacht, tender, jet-ski, vehicle, business or home.


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